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Gym Hair Tutorial: The Tiered Ponytail

Gym Hair Tutorial: The Tiered Ponytail

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For the second part of our Gym Hair Tutorials, the guys at Easton Regal came up with a quite simple ponytail – with a twist.  Our lovely friend Naomi (and her gorgeous long hair) was kind enough to model this super easy tiered ponytail for us. It’s one of those hairstyles that looks far more complicated than it really is, and can work perfectly for both working out and going out. All you need is a couple of thin hairbands and a comb to section off the different parts.

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1// Gather a small section of hair at the top centre of your head and make a ponytail
2// Take another section from each side of the top of your head and tie it together with the ponytail

3-6// Continue the same process until you have no more loose hairs to tie. Try to keep each tier the same size. You’re done! IMG_7004




Naomi is wearing Every Second Counts top and customised Nike ID Free trainers

Thanks to Easton Regal for the inspiration and help!


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