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Training Diary: Getting back in the game!

Last Updated: 16th Aug 2014
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My training for the half marathon in September hasn’t quite gone as planned to say the least. After the massive high when I first started running, I had a bit of a slump, sustained an injury and was forced by my doctor to take a break. My carefully planned training schedule (courtesy of Nike Run, highly recommended!) had to take a backseat as I had to listen to my body and allow some time for recovery.

Being sidelined by injury when you’re dying to go for a run is a bitch. It felt like all the effort of the previous couple of months was slowly slipping away and I would have to start from scratch again – it is absolutely frustrating. Last weekend when I was back home in Belgium I finally felt good enough to go for a little jog, nothing too much. As my parents live by the beautiful North Sea coast, I couldn’t wait to get my running shoes on.The change of scenery was just what I needed and I somehow managed to not just run a solid 10k, but also a personal best. I did some cross country running for the first time (loved it), made some lovely pony friends along the way (loved them) and got back home with a giant grin on my face. And just like that, I was back in the game.

Hey 21.1k – I’m coming for you!

Running Running  Running Running

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