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Lorna Jane Running Club

Lorna Jane Running Club

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If there’s one thing Aussies know how to do well, it’s being active in the great outdoors, and antipodean activewear brand Lorna Jane is the embodiment of Australia’s fun, playful and energetic lifestyle. Started by Lorna Jane Clarkson in 1990, Lorna Jane is now an iconic brand in its home country, and is making its UK debut with a pop-up store in London’s Covent Garden until August 4th.

The store is small but filled to the brim with brightly coloured shorts, leggings, bras and tops, all with the kind of well-designed extras that a regular exerciser gets excited about and the quirky details that fashion-loving fitness fans go crazy for. The pop-up store’s staff all proudly wear t-shirts emblazoned with fluorescent lettering offering the inspiring advice to “run with your heart, not your legs”. Judging by the smiles and enthusiasm which greet me when I arrive on Tuesday evening for the first of their four run clubs, the staff are true believers in the brand and its values of ‘Move Nourish Believe’:


Five minutes after I arrive and shove my bag in the corner, nervously eyeing up the other women to gauge whether I’ll keep up or not, the cosy showroom is crowded and hot, so we spill out onto the pavement, ready to run 5km with the Lorna Jane team. After a quick brief, a reluctant group photo and the assurance that all levels of running abilities are welcome, we set off and weave through the crowded streets of Covent Garden.

Dodging tourists, commuters and traffic was a little tricky, but running through some of London’s most iconic locations does come at a price. We passed Trafalgar Square and Embankment station, and then, when the crowds had thinned a little, we jogged at a comfortable pace along the Thames to Victoria Gardens where we regrouped. Once we were all back together we did a few squats and moving stretches before setting off once more, completing a lap of the park and then heading uphill back to the Lorna Jane store. The run ended up being just shy of 5km, but in the heat and humidity of the evening I wasn’t desperate to go any further!

Hot, sweaty and invigorated, we obliged the Lorna Jane team their request for an ‘after’ photo and then enjoyed a well-deserved bottle of Zico coconut water and a Rude Health bar. It was impossible to leave empty-handed with all the fabulous workout gear surrounding me, but the hot pink running shorts I purchased are sure to help me go faster at Lorna Jane’s next run club, which I’m already looking forward to.

I hope to see you there! All details on the pop up and running club below and on the website.

Lorna Jane Run Club Lorna Jane Run Club Lorna Jane Run Club


This piece was contributed by Elle Croft.

Elle Croft is the author of popular travel blog A Bird In The Hand. You can also stalk her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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