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Tried and Tested: Rooftop Cycling at Equinox

Last Updated: 4th Aug 2014
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For the sake of bringing you the latest in fitness and exercise, we’re going to be going to different classes, clubs and activities and report back on how we found it. Last week, Elle reviewed the Lorna Jane Running Club, this week it was my turn to check out the Rooftop Cycling at Equinox.

Equinox Kensington is the first UK branch of the famous luxury fitness club from the US. Housed in the same building as the  Kensington Roof Gardens, yesterday they held a couple of classes for members (and yours truly) for the first time on the beautiful roof top 100 feet above High Street Kensington. There was a rooftop yoga and pilates class, and then the cycling which I attended.

It has been a long time since I last did a spinning class and I must admit I was dreading it (especially having come straight from a personal training session), and the thought of spinning in the boiling sun wasn’t helping matters. The beautiful setting helped me through, as did the great music, the tough-but-fair instructor and the bunch of incredibly stylish sporty women (Fashercise in persona, basically – spot the Lucas Hugh outfits below!).

I’m not going to lie and say those were the best 45mins of my life, because it was bloody hard and I had one of the few spots directly in the sun, but damn, did I feel great afterwards, especially when they brought us an ice cold towel after the session. A day later, I’m barely able to move, but it was totally worth it. And cycling on a rooftop is definitely more exciting than inside a gym.

On the way out I had a little sneak peek at the Equinox gym to see what all the fuss is about, and I must say I’ve never seen anything quite like it: this is the Rolls Royce of gyms – it felt more like a private members club than a gym.

For future Rooftop Classes, members should enquire at reception.

Rooftop Cycling at Equinox Rooftop Cycling at Equinox Rooftop Cycling at Equinox Rooftop Cycling at Equinox

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