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NIKE ID x Fashercise

NIKE ID x Fashercise

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For years now, I’ve been wanting to design my own custom Nike ID trainers, and the time has finally come… I promised myself a pair if I made it to the end of my half marathon, which I did, so I can finally put those hours I’ve spent creating the trainers of my dreams to rest and order. Except… now I’m finally allowed to, I can’t seem to make up my mind. Starting from which model to the endless amount of colour options, I’m stuck.

I’ve decided to honour my journey with Fashercise by using its logo colours (yellow and grey), which limits it somewhat, but there’s still too many options, so I’m asking you for your thoughts. Which Nike ID x Fashercise trainers do you think I should go for? These are just 4 designs, I literally have dozens saved…

To create your own, just head to Nike ID and get started (but I warn you, it’s addictive stuff…)

Nike ID X Fashercise

1: Nike Flyknit Lunar 1+

Nike ID X Fashercise

2: Nike Free 5.0

Nike ID X Fashercise

3: Nike Flylunar 5+

Nike ID X Fashercise

1: Nike Air Pegasus +30

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1 comment


sarah | over a year ago

number 4 please!