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Tried and Tested: MyZenergy Home Delivered Diet

Tried and Tested: MyZenergy Home Delivered Diet

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It’s no secret I’m not a naturally skinny girl and have been working hard over the past few months to lose a bit of weight. I don’t believe in miracle solutions and I know it will take a lot of hard work and dedication to get

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to my goal, so I have been working out a lot with a personal trainer as well as trying to eat healthier. So when I was offered to test My Zenergy, a diet consisting of fresh meals, home delivered every day, I jumped at the chance.

There’s a number of companies that provide home delivered diets in London, but Zenergy stood out to me for several reasons: first of all, the dishes looked incredible and added up to around 1200 calories a day, so it’s not a starvation diet. Second, they are delivered every single day instead of once a week ensuring they are very fresh. Third, the weekend is free to eat whatever you want (within reason, of course), making it slightly easier to stick to the diet. And last but not least, Zenergy isn’t just about the food, you also get a customised exercise plan to go with your diet.

Every morning, as if by magic, a little white box appeared at my front door, containing my 5 meals for the day. In my inbox would be the daily menu, which almost read like a restaurant menu. The food didn’t disappoint – I should point out I’m a fussy eater, so having someone else be in control of my food for a week is a terrifying though. But my fears were completely unjustified: the food, quite simply, was delicious. Some dishes I would have happily paid good money for in a restaurant – a few of my favourites were the fillet steak, beautiful pieces of fish, pancakes and bagels for breakfast, and lots of delicious salads… All came in little boxes with heating instructions (if any), so perfect to take to work with you.

My verdict? At the end of 5 days, I lost just over 1kg and I did so without ever feeling hungry and enjoying my food, which is my most important issue when it comes to dieting. It’s not a miracle cure, it’s just a wonderful way to eat and lose weight in a healthy way. The meals were varied and exciting and taught me a different way of eating. At the end of the week my skin looked healthier and I just generally felt amazing. At £18 a day, it’s definitely not cheap, but I dare you to try buying a fillet steak, fresh fish, and tons of fruit and veg for less. Relatively speaking, it is a small price to pay for 5 fresh home delivered meals using only the most beautiful ingredients. On top of that, it was really fun opening my little boxes every morning and being surprised with my meals instead of having to plan, buy and cook them. In short, would I recommend it? 100% absolutely yes.


A sample menu and what’s inside the box:

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