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Golden Syrup Pumpkin Soup

Last Updated: 28th Jul 2014
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Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean our love for all things pumpkin has to end. This is our recipe for the best pumpkin soup ever. We’re not kidding – it’s stupidly easy but oh so amazing… the biggest challenge in making it is just carving the pumpkin!


1kg of chopped pumpkin
2-3 white onions
4 carrots, peeled and roughly chopped
Vegetable or Chicken stock cubes
Fresh Parsley
Pumpkin seeds
Single Cream
Salt & Pepper
And my secret ingredient: Golden Syrup

1: Put the chopped pumpkin, roughly chopped onions and carrots in a large pot, add some olive oil and sauté on a medium-high heat (don’t let them brown!) for about 10-15mins. Make sure you stir so all veggies can get nice and hot.

2: Make about 1-1.5l of stock with the cubes (depending on how thick you like your soup) and pour over the sautéed veggies. Bring to the boil for a couple of minutes, then let it simmer for about 20mins until everything gets soft. Add salt and pepper to taste

3: Take your handmixer to the simmering stew and mix away. Within seconds you’ll see the mixture turning into a smooth, orange soup. Make sure you get rid of all the chunks! Add a couple of tablespoons of the Golden Syrup or honey to give it that special wintery taste. (If you’re not sure about this, I dare you, it’s amazing). That’s it, your soup is DONE!

4: To serve, grill some slices of Ciabatta bread in the oven with some olive oil. Then put the soup into bowls, add a dash of the cream in the center and twirl with your spoon, throw some pumpkin seeds and parsley leaves over it, and you’re done.

It looks professional(ish), it’s healthy(ish), it tastes amazing and it takes just half an hour to make. You can make huge batches and freeze the rest, no problem at all.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to eat some soup.

Gold Syrup Pumpkin Soup Gold Syrup Pumpkin Soup Gold Syrup Pumpkin Soup Gold Syrup Pumpkin Soup Gold Syrup Pumpkin Soup Gold Syrup Pumpkin Soup Gold Syrup Pumpkin Soup IMG_4089 Gold Syrup Pumpkin Soup Gold Syrup Pumpkin Soup

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