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5 Best Free Running Apps

5 Best Free Running Apps

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Running is simple: one foot in front of the other, repeat. In theory, other than a good pair of shoes, you don’t need really much else. Yet… things like nice kit, snazzy headphones, a good playlist and a good app can all help to motivate and improve your running. A running app on your phone can track your stats and help you with goals, with distances, and some even offer training schedules for you to follow. Us? We never go on a run if there’s no proof to show off to friends and complete strangers on social media. There’s a lot of apps out there, and essentially they all do the same. but which one should you choose? Here’s a couple of our favourite free running apps!


  5 best free running apps runkeeper-collage

WHAT? It tracks your runs, walks, bike rides and more. Features stats, audio cues, mapping, social sharing, goals, training plans and more.

HOW MUCH? Free for most features, £2.99/month or £13.99/year for the Elite version

WHY DO WE LOVE IT? Easy to use, extensive stats and can be easily integrated with other apps and services like MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, Jawbone UP and more.

AVAILABLE FOR: iPhone / Android



WHAT? MapMyRun is a fitness tracking application that enables you to track all of your fitness activities. Record your workout details, including duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation, calories burned, and route traveled on an interactive map. Also tracks nutrition and calories.

HOW MUCH? Free for most features, £3.99/month or £20.99/year for the MVP upgrade

WHY DO WE LOVE IT? We love that we can track routes before or after a run (in case you can’t bring your phone with you) and still upload them to your profile. The app integrates seamlessly with the website, where you can easily find routes in your area from other users. The nutrition tracker is also quite handy.

AVAILABLE FOR: iPhone / Android / Blackberry (limited)


  jpeg Nike-+-Running

WHAT? Like the other apps, Nike+ Running tracks your runs, but it also features coaching, interactive challenges with friends, badges, and live cheers from friends as you run.


WHY DO WE LOVE IT? Easy to use, visually really nice and we love the photo memento feature.

AVAILABLE FOR: iPhone / Android


zombies-run-app runiphone1

WHAT? Running has been turned into a game with Zombies, Run! Through audio cues, you have to escape the zombies chasing you by running away from them. Along the way, you’ll get several missions which will earn you supplies to grow your base when you return from your run.

HOW MUCH? £1.99

WHY DO WE LOVE IT? The gamification of running has never really been done successfully in the past, but Zombies, Run! makes it both entertaining, challenging and pretty damn fun. Don’t run with it at night, though, it gets a little scary…

AVAILABLE FOR: iPhone / Android


  bupa-logo_1923687b smart-run-screens

WHAT? BUPA’s own running app aims to add variety to your running and helps you improve technique and running strength with different exercises and videos.


WHY DO WE LOVE IT? Most apps are mostly aimed at increasing distance/time, but don’t really focus on different technique and how to avoid injuries. This is educational for both the newbie and expert runners. The app suggests one ‘Smart run’ per week, which can be hill training, sprinting or cross training. It also features a ‘niggle diary’, where you can keep track of injuries or pains. Prevention is the best cure, and if you still get hurt, you can contact BUPA straight from the app. Genius.


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I love the Get Running app. Brilliant for newbies!