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On set of the Adidas SS14 Photoshoot

Last Updated: 16th Aug 2014
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Back in November, I was very excited to be invited on set of the new Adidas SS14 campaign shoot, featuring none other than heptathlete Jessica Ennis, cyclist Laura Trott and sprinter Jodie Williams. Together with the girls from Lunges & Lycra and Food & Lycra we headed up to Sheffield where the new ad campaign was being shot.

These girls may represent the absolute world top in their respective sports, but chatting to them on the shoot I was mostly amazed how completely down to earth they are. Just like any girl, they love to look good whilst working out, and as they spend most days in sportswear, it’s important for them to feel comfortable and confident in their gear. Style and technical features are equally important to these girls, so their partnership with Adidas seems a perfect match. The new collection features tons of bright colours, some great prints and uses different textures and materials. The girls definitely have very different styles, so it was great to see how they turned the collection into their own.

Laura, Jess and Jodie are very inspiring women to meet in real life – their dedication and passion is contagious when talking to them – but it’s their normalness that struck me the most. Jodie, at just 20 the youngest of the bunch, told us she likes to paint her nails her signature blue when competing. She also has “Pain is temporary, Victory is forever” tattooed across her wrists. Laura had just dyed her hair brown on a whim the day before and was a little worried it would affect her shoot as the outfits were picked with her blonde hair in mind. Aside from the fact she has 2 Olympic gold medals, she leads quite a normal life (with her double gold winning boyfriend Jason Kenny), although she can’t always do things like running or even walking her dog, because her team doesn’t want her to compromise her quad strength.

Jess, definitely in her element as we were shooting in her hometown, is absolutely stunning and a complete natural at getting her picture taken. I was surprised to hear she’d never run anything long distance (over 5k!), as her sports only require her to focus on sprinting. The trio was really open about their love of food, their superstitions and pre-race rituals. It was an absolute honour to meet such accomplished, inspirational and down to earth women, who are rolemodels to their generation and have managed to make elite sports a little more accessible for women in the past couple of years.

As well as meeting the athletes, we also were given the opportunity to style the new Adidas SS14 collection in our own way, the result of which we will be posting very soon!

Adidas SS14 in stores and online now!

Jody Williams Adidad Jessica Ennis, Jody WIlliams, Laura Trott Adidas

Just hanging with my buddies Jessica Ennis, Jodie Williams and Laura Trott. As you do…

Jessica-Ennis-Adidas-SS14-2 Jessica-Ennis-Adidas-SS14-3 jessica-ennis-Adidas-SS14 Jodie-Williams-Adidas-SS14 Jodie-Williams-SS14 adidas adidas adidas adidas adidas adidas adidas adidas

Some of our favourite pieces of the new collection:

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