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Get moving with Red Magazine's Red120 Fit Club

Last Updated: 4th Aug 2014
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Yesterday, we joined Red Magazine for an early morning workout at Frame Shoreditch to celebrate the Red120 Fit Club. Together with some of London’s best fitness bloggers and coolest sportswear designers  (hello, Every Second Counts, Charli Cohen, Gym Luxe, Striders Edge!), we did one of Frame’s signature Body by Frame classes – a pretty hardcore session before we’d even had our morning coffee!

The Red120 Fit Club is an incentive to get Red readers moving for 120 mins every week (which might not be much for some, but a challenge for a lot of people!). The club rules are simple: 90 minutes of cardio a week (50 at a moderate pace, like fast walking, 40 vigorous) plus 30 minutes of strength-training. You can do it in 10 minute bursts, or all in one go, whatever suits you and your schedule. ‘This will give you the optimum return on your investment of time and energy, exactly what you need at this time of year,’ says Tim Weeks, an ex-Olympic coach who designed the programme.

For inspiration, motivation, free workout plans and more, make sure you check out the Red120 Fit Club online, and tweet them your workouts with the hashtag #Red120!

Red120 Fitclub Red120 Fitclub Red120 Fitclub Red120 Fitclub Red120 Fitclub

Amazing post-work out refreshments from Roots and Bulbs 

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