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Train like a Victoria's Secret Angel

Last Updated: 16th Aug 2014
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Victoria’s Secret models are… well, you know… they’re hot. Arguably some of the hottest girls on the planet, right? Obviously they got the lucky draw in the gene pool, but that can only take you so far: these girls seriously work hard to look the way they do. In a series of workout videos, some of Victoria’s Secret biggest stars spill the beans on how they train and keep fit, from yoga to toning exercises to cardio – all wearing the VSX Sports range, of course.

The gorgeous (and fit!) Doutzen Kroes is the current face of the VSX Sports collection, and boy, does she make it look good. If seeing her in action isn’t enough to get you motivated, we don’t know what is! There’s also workouts with the likes of Adriana Lima, Candice Swaenepoel and Lily Aldridge…

Sadly, the Victoria’s Secret Sports range isn’t available in the UK right now, but if you ever head to the US, do check it out, as they really are some of the best sports bras we’ve ever had… Below are some of our favourite pieces of the current collection, as well as a couple of the work out videos – for even more, make sure you check out the VS Youtube Channel.

See the full Victoria’s Secret Sports collection here.

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