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"The Runners" and the meaning of life

Last Updated: 16th Aug 2014
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Running… It’s never just a physical challenge, but an equally psychological one. Your legs might be on fine form, but a lot goes on in your head which can decide whether a run will be good or not, and overcoming those mental barriers is a big step to going all the way. Once that happens, you’re in The Zone…

The Zone is this wonderful moment where your legs are seemingly on auto-pilot and your brain is free to think about everything and nothing at all. For me, it’s always a moment of real clarity, a moment where I make huge and tiny decisions, where I contemplate my life and where I can enjoy not thinking about anything at all. The Zone is a magical thing, and it’s really what running is all about for me.

So what would happen if someone put a camera in front of me whilst I’m in this headspace and asked me some really deep and personal questions? That’s exactly what filmmakers Matan Rochlitz & Ivo Gormley did with The Runners, a new short film in which the makers asked runners in the middle of their run some very intimate and huge life questions. The result – and the answers given – is incredible: taken completely off guard, the interviewees totally opened up and shared their personal stories with total strangers holding a camera.

The 11min short film takes you through some of life’s big topics – religion, sex, marriage, mental health, family – and is truly brilliant in its utter simplicity. The answers are so brutally honest, they will grab you by the throat and will leave you with a tear in your eye by the end of it. A woman tells us her worries about her sex life with her husband, a man tells about his ill father and why that’s making him run, another about her lack of having children. It is raw and recognisable and as real as it gets. It’s also what every Runner goes through every time they put on their shoes and head out.

So watch the film and tell us what you think about when you’re in the zone? Do you contemplate the big issues or nothing at all? We’d love to hear your thoughts…

The Runners Film

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