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Race Report: Surrey Half Marathon 2014

Last Updated: 29th Jul 2014
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Yesterday, these two Fashercise girls decided to put our money where our mouth is as we ran the Surrey Half Marathon. The sun was out in all its glory, so we couldn’t have had a better day for it. This was only our second ever half marathon (Run To The Beat was our first) and the first ever edition of the Surrey Half, which went from Guildford to Woking and back.

The course was gorgeous and mostly flat (just a couple of bumps) and took us through quiet, green country streets and villages, lined with locals cheering us on, handing out sweets and water, bands playing, even cheerleaders cheering us on. The support was absolutely brilliant and the event was really wonderfully organised, especially this being the first time – so a big shoutout to all the volunteers who made it all happen! It definitely made a nice change from running the busy streets of London, and we even got a nice tan out of it.

As runners, Cam and I couldn’t be more different: for me, it’s still a struggle of epic proportions so just finishing remains the main goal, whilst Cam has been kicking running ass left, right and centre. My lead up to the race was terrible, I’ve been riddled with injuries in the past few months and training didn’t go as planned. Plenty of people advised me not to run at all, but I’m stubborn and told myself I’d stop when the pain got to bad – which finally happened at the 18k mark. In the end, I finished in 2:55 – not great at all, but still a 5min improvement on my last time… which isn’t saying much!

Cam, on the other hand, has really been taking her running to the next level lately and totally trashed her PB by more than 20mins and clocked an amazing 2:02 time. Despite us running 2 completely different races – mine against myself, Cam against the clock – we went through it together – I ran my pace, Cam ran hers, but we always run together as a team.

The Surrey Half was definitely a great start to our running season and it was nice to be part of the inaugural event, a race that wasn’t oversubscribed, which was a friendly and cheerful – helped a lot by the gorgeous sun, of course. It wasn’t as much of a “fun run” than some other events – definitely a Runners’ race – so there weren’t that many slower runners (which meant I was waaaaay at the back!). The only bit of criticism we have was the lack of transport from the event to the station, a half hour walk away – it was not clearly indicated at all and that walk after the race pretty much killed our tired legs… next year we’d love to see a shuttle bus!

Speaking of next year, you can already sign up for the Surrey Half 2015.

Surrey Half Marathon 2014

Surrey Half Marathon 2014

Before and after…

Surrey Half Marathon 2014


Collapsed at the end… exhausted but worth it!

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  • kirsty says:

    Well done! Sometimes your body just says no, and you can only deal with it by listening to what it wants!

    Looks like an awesome course.. may just have to sign myself up for 2015….

    kirsty x

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