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Tried and Tested: Balance Box Home Delivered Diet

Last Updated: 19th Feb 2015
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With summer looming, the warm and comforting layers of clothing are about to start coming off, and it’s definitely time to start thinking about the dreaded… bikini body. I’m not one to go for fad or crash diets, I absolutely hate calorie counting and working from home means there’s temptation all around, all the time. So, looking for a healthy and enjoyable way to lose a little bit of weight, I just finished a 4 day trial of Balance Box, a home delivered diet service.

My box came hand delivered on a Sunday night, at around midnight, so I could start my Monday with my food already in the fridge. It arrives in a cooled bag, with a menu and all your meals clearly indicated, so just have to pop it in the fridge and take them out as your week goes on. I went for the Market Menu Plan (1200 cals), although there’s also a Supersized Market Menu Plan (1800 cals) should you need a little more.

I’m not going to lie: it wasn’t easy at all for me. The food was fresh and lovely – 3 meals and 2 snacks a day – but dropping my caffeine habit, working out and being a fussy eater meant that I was left a little hungry, especially on the first two days. This got much better as the week went on, but at times I was definitely struggling. I work from home, so my day is very much based around my meals, as this is usually the only time I’m not working. I love thinking about recipes, going out to get ingredients and cooking my meals, so the fact that it was all planned out for me sort of left this gap, which left me obsessing about food even more – which obviously doesn’t help with hunger pangs. Nor did going on social media on Pancake Day… sigh.

The meals were packed full of veg and protein and actually really delicious – I still dream of the chicken curry and the fig bircher muesli – and it definitely taught me a thing or two about portion control and the importance of having regular small meals instead of a few bigger ones. I lost around 2 pounds in the end and felt my skin looked a lot healthier as well. I’d recommend doing it for longer than 4 days though, as that’s when I really started to feel truly comfortable with the plan. I’d also not plan any social events that involve food or drink, as the temptation is just too much.

You can try out the Balance Box diet as well starting at £19.99 a day – not unreasonable for healthy, fresh, delicious meals delivered straight to your door.

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