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#Fitstyle: The Kipling Backpack

#Fitstyle: The Kipling Backpack

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Another week, another outfit! Still sore from last Sunday’s half marathon, we made our poor legs work some more as we went for a run in Regent’s Park with a couple of our readers. We’re planning a weekly, friendly run meet up from now on, so if you’d like to join us for a run and drink after, keep an eye out on the Fashercise Facebook page!

This week Cam couldn’t wait to show off her new, personalised Kipling backpack (more on that soon!), which she styled with a simple orange and grey look. The evenings might be getting longer, but it still gets dark quite early, so good visibility is still very important for your safety when you go on your evening run. The orange Adidas top shows through the sheer Zoe Karssen t-shirt, and matches Cam’s Flyknit trainers.

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