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5 Ways to get ready for Nike's We Own The Night 2014

Last Updated: 9th May 2018
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On May 10th, thousands of girls will put on their running shoes and head to Victoria Park for the second edition of Nike’s We Own The Night, a 10k race ran at night. Last year, WOTN was my first ever race, having only started running just weeks before and it was truly my favourite running experience so far. It was a friendly, girly, well-organised event, finishing with a glass of bubbly and a boogie at the end of the race – totally the Fashercise style. In fact, it’s at this very race that the idea of Fashercise was conceived… crazy how things work out sometimes, right?

Whether this is your first ever race or you’re an experienced runner, we can guarantee an awesome night, so we’ll totally be back this year as Team Fashercise for one of the funnest 10k’s around. It’ll be bigger than ever, even more going on in the event village before and after the race and will be a Saturday night out you’ll never forget. Here’s 5 ways to get started…


Nike We Own The Night London 2014

Nike We Own The Night London 2014

Running is always better when you run with your friends. Even if you are at totally different levels, you can still start and finish together, so just because your friend might be a better runner than you, it’s not an excuse. So get your gang together, start training, motivate each other and after you’ve finished that 10k, celebrate together.

You can sign up for the London one (or Berlin, Milan, Amsterdam or Paris!) here.


Nike We Own The Night London 2014 Nike We Own The Night London 2014

Nike We Own The Night London 2014

Especially when you’re a new runner, getting the right kit is super important to keep you going. Wearing the wrong shoe can lead to injury, so get a GAIT analysis done before you get some new ones (you do it for free at Nike Town or most good running shops). Not just shoes, but the wrong bottoms, sports bras and tops can really make a difference. Make sure your bra gives you the right support (no one likes to have their boobs bouncing around for an hour, do they?), that your running tights don’t fall down or your shorts don’t ride up before the race. Having said all of that, remember to have fun with it! Use colours and patterns and dare to be adventurous! Nothing like a bit of new kit to make you want to go for a run…


Nike We Own The Night London 2014

Download the free Nike Running App for a great training schedule, whatever your level. 8 weeks is recommended for newbies to get to 10k, so start your training now! The Nike Training Club can also help you with adding cross training to your schedule, as your running improves when you get stronger, so don’t forget to vary your training and don’t just focus on running long distances. Also read our post on the best running apps around here.


Nike We Own The Night London 2014IMG_6624

Nike We Own The Night London 2014

You’ve got your gear, you’ve got your running buddies, you’ve got your training schedule, so now get running! Whether it’s a quick pre-work run, a slow jog, interval training or a long distance run on the weekend, the important thing is to just run. Sometimes, that’s easier said than done – life has a tendency to get in the way. Make a set date where you meet your friends for a session, join Nike’s Running Club on Oxford Circus, which as of this Monday has started their run up to WOTN. We joined them for a run yesterday around Trafalgar Square and we each ran in a group of girls who matched our pace. Don’t worry about being a beginner – so are most girls! The professionals joining you on the run can answer any questions or issues you might have, and it’s a great way to get to know new girls – great if you’re doing this whole running thing by yourself.


Nike We Own The Night London 2014

Not very long ago, we were newbie runners ourselves. We remember how intimidating it was, and despite our very different paces, we learned how much fun it is to do this together. We’re not professionals in any way, but we know how much more fun running is when it’s a social thing. So whether you’re doing this by yourself or with a friend or colleague, whether you’ve run a marathon or just to the corner of your street, we’d love have you on our team. Every Wednesday, we go for a run around Regent’s Park and go for a drink at the pub afterwards (that’s just our style…). If you’d like to join us, just check out the details here or get in touch with any questions. For We Own The Night, we want to do something fun with our gang, so tweet us, email us, Facebook us or just flat out stalk us (I can give you our address if you want) and let’s make this the funnest running gang in London, shall we?

Nike We Own The Night London 2014

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  • kirsty says:

    I realllly wanted to do We Own The Night this year! Would be such an awesome post-London fun run, but I fly to thailand the night before!! I shouldn’t be gutted because OMG THAILAND but I really am!!!

    very tempted by the paris edition though…..

    great post xx

  • Sounds like a great concept, I’m on board with pretty much anything Nike do so it’s a winner. Plus they make the nicest looking running gear.

    • Fashercise Alex says:

      You’ll have to sit this one out unfortunately! It’s girls only! But, Run To The Beat is relaunching as a 10k in September, so that should be fun!

      Alex x

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