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Introducing Pretty Athletic Workout Skincare

Introducing Pretty Athletic Workout Skincare

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We’re super excited to introduce you to Pretty Athletic, a brand new British skincare brand created especially for active women. Pretty Athletic was founded by Leyla Cooper – previously a busy lawyer who loved working out during her lunch break but hated returning to her desk all red and sweaty. She found there was no skincare range available that took care of her pre and post workout needs, so she decided to create her own, and so Pretty Athletic was born!

The products have been specifically designed to help reduce redness and rehydrate, are very lightweight and contain no nasty chemicals but instead boast a variety of botanical ingredients such as plant oils and botanical extracts. The first range consists of 5 products:

Cool Down Purifying Facial Cleanser £16.50 Rich gel cleanser that soothes and helps to prevent post-exercise breakouts with cucumber, chamomile, aloe vera and lavender.

Perfect Balance Calming Facial Moisturiser £22 Lightweight formula with aloe vera and menthol to soothe and calm, witch hazel to control sweat, and rosehip oil and borage seed oil to rehydrate.

Hydrating Shield Intensive Moisture Balm £20 Creates a lightweight, hydrating & protective film on the skin with shea butter, cocoa butter and rosehip oil.

Radiant Health Nourishing Body Moisturiser £18 Replenishes, hydrates and soothes from top to toe, with omega fatty acids, grape seed oil, aloe vera, vitamins and minerals.

Instant Refresh Exfoliating Shower Gel £12.50 Revives and soothes with menthol and lemon balm, and exfoliates with jojoba microspheres.

As opposed to some ‘fitness’ beauty brands, Pretty Athletic doesn’t claim anything it can’t deliver; it won’t make you lose 5 inches off you stomach, get rid of all your cellulite or boost your boobs with 3 cup sizes. Nope, instead it will leave your skin feeling fresh, soft and rehydrated. We’ve been lucky enough to get to try some of the products ourselves and we collectively give it the thumbs up! Cam loves cooling her skin in the shower after a workout with the Cool Down Purifying Facial Cleanser, whilst I am loving the Perfect Balance Calming Facial Moisturiser, which I wear both before and after a session (it doesn’t run so when I sweat it doesn’t itch my eyes, which other moisturisers sometimes do). The Pretty Athletic range is a real gym bag essential!


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