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Last Updated: 15th Aug 2014
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A couple of weeks ago, we organised a little photoshoot for ourselves as all we had were sweaty post-race selfies of us and we wanted some proper pictures for a change (part 1 of the shoot here). We called in the help of photographer Claire Pepper and called in some of our favourite sportswear brands to wear.

We think the shoot sums us up perfectly as a team: occasionally serious, but mostly idiots. Because some days, you just gotta let go and dress like a pineapple…

Fitstyle: Been by d'Heygere

Both wearing Been by D’heygere

Fitstyle: Lexie Sport

Alex wearing Lexie leggings, Zoe Karssen tank and Nike Flyknit trainers 

Fitstyle: Zoe Karssen, Every Second Counts

Cam wearing Every Second Counts joggers, Zoe Karssen t-shirt and Charli Cohen sports bra

FItstyle: Charli Cohen, Every Second Counts

Alex wearing Charli Cohen top, Cam wearing Every Second Counts top

Fitstyle: Charli Cohen, Every Second Counts

Alex wearing Charli Cohen top and Nike leggings, Cam wearing Every Second Counts top and Charli Cohen leggings

Fitstyle: Been by d'Heygere Fitstyle: Every Second Counts, Lexie Sport

Fitstyle: Charli Cohen, Hey Jo

Alex Cam both wearing Charli Cohen sports bra and Hey Jo Leggings

FitStyle: Been by d'heygere Fitstyle: Charli Cohen, Every Second Counts

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  • You guys look great in these photos!! A lot of lovely lycra there too!!! xxxx

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