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Happy Birthday, Nike Free !

Happy Birthday, Nike Free !

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The Nike Free is turning 10 this year. Yep, it’s been a whole decade since Nike dropped a complete revolution in footwear on the market, and the Nike Free story hasn’t finished just yet. To celebrate this huge birthday, the Nike Free has been given a complete makeover, and it’s better, slicker and even cooler than before. The evolution of the most flexible shoe around continues with new hexagonal shape elements in the soles for even better movement, whilst the Flyknit uppers make sure they remain some of the lightest models on the market.

At the European launch event in London, Nike Running Creative Director Sean McDowell explained to us why this shoe was originally created and how they spent years analysing runners and their feet before the first Nike Free was launched in 2004. It’s meant to give the wearer as much of a natural motion as possible, with the Nike Free 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 models giving varying levels of support. The 2014 models now use revolutionary hexagon shaped grooves which allow for even more movement (and it just looks quite cool, if we’re being honest) and the 3.0/4.0 models feature the Flyknit uppers, making them even lighter than ever before.

To celebrate the birthday, Nike put on an event in the way only Nike can: we had the opportunity to test them out ourselves during an early morning run with no one other than Paula Radcliffe and Run Dem Crew founder Charlie Dark… running with one of the best female runners on the planet? No pressure! After the run, we had some time to look around an exhibit detailing the evolution of the Nike trainers over the past decades, we had our feet analysed, we got to create our own Nike ID shoes and generally just got to enjoy the wonderful world of all things Nike.

There was also a special Nike Training Club session with NTC master trainer Joslyn, who put us through our paces wearing the new Nike 1.0 Cross Bionic  shoes, especially designed for high intensity training sessions – also part of the Nike Free family.

The new Nike Free is in stores and online now. Whether it’s for daily life (we hardly ever leave the house without ours) or for running and working out, it’s a gorgeous, amazing shoe. The only issue we have with it is that WE WANT THEM ALL.

Nike Free Nike Free Untitled-1

Introducing the new Nike Free 3.0 Flyknit, Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit and Nike Free 5.0

Untitled-2 274A8484

274A8568 274A9465


When you run with Nike, it looks a bit like this… 


Halfway through our run with Paula Radcliffe…


Sean McDowell and the Nike Free designs



Posing with Paula and having our feet analysed next to hers… quite a difference!

IMG_6424 IMG_5657

Spotted some Riccardo Tisci x Nike sneakers on the day


So. Much. Nike.

IMG_6412 IMG_6417 IMG_5663

Nike makes Alex happy…


Trying our hand at designing with Nike ID 


Nike Training Club session:

274A0127 274A9298 274A8919-1


Nike Free 3.0 Flyknit


Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit, £110


Nike Free 5.0, £90


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