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10 stylish fitness Instagram accounts you need to follow

Last Updated: 27th Apr 2017
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…aside from ours, obviously. Instagram is packed with inspirational girls, kicking ass in the gym, on the street, on the beach. Not only are they uber-fit, but they are also super stylish, taking workout style to the next level. Forget celebrities and glossy magazines, our inspiration comes from the real girls, who are totally ruling Instagram. Here’s 10 of our favourite accounts you should follow (we could have easily shown you 50, but that’s for another time!)


Who? Adrianne Ho, NYC
How many? 286k+ followers
Why? We’re more than a little bit obsessed with Adrianne’s style, her insane body and her blog Sweat The Style. If this girl doesn’t make you want to work out, we don’t know what will.


Who? Robin Arzon, NYC
How many? 6500+ followers
Why? This corporate-lawyer-turned-athlete brings a healthy dose of street to her workout style. She runs ultra marathons, teaches classes, writes a blog Shut Up And Run and is basically kicking ass all around. We love her style!


Who? Rachel Brathen, Aruba (originally from Sweden)
How many? 760k+ followers
Why? Yoga + exotic locations + gorgeous girl make this our ultimate yoga Instagram. Her very personal journey (having been through some tragedies in the past few months) makes her so loveable and relatable we simply can’t stop reading. Must follow.


Who? Jen Selter, NYC
How Many? 3.2 million followers
Why?  Jen is the original Fitspo queen, ruler of the fitness Instagram celebs. Her curvy bottom is often named the best bum in the world (Kim who?) and with a whole bunch of big fitness, TV and book projects in the pipeline, this 20 year old is about to explode far beyond her Instagram fame. Quite frankly, we can’t stop staring at her bum.


Who? Eh… not quite sure
How many? 9600+ followers
Why? Confession: we don’t really know much about these girls like who they are or where they’re from, but we’re obsessed with their pics. A girls’ running crew of 4 awesome chicks, usually decked head to toe in Nike stuff. Scrolling through their feed usually results in a huge droolfest and pangs of jealousy, as their kit is just beyond. Whoever they are, we wanna join their gang.


Who? Kim, Rachel and Laura, London
How many? 2200+ followers
Why? With a slogan like “we run to eat”, they are totally our kind of girls. We are lucky enough to know these chicks and we simply love their edgy London style and the way they make working out look a whole lot of fun.  Their Instagram is equal measure fitness and foodporn, right up our alley.


Who? Sarah and Bianca, Australia
How many? 33k+ followers
Why? This Aussie blog ticks all of our boxes – fashion! food! fitness! – and the girls behind it know how to make it all look pretty damn good. A great mix of yoga, style, food and fitness pics.


Who? Karena and Katrina, California
How many? 310k+ followers
Why? We fell in love with these 2 crazy best friends/hottest bikini bodies on the planet whilst watching their Bravo tv show and now it’s over we get our daily Karena & Katrina fix on their Instagram. Their website Tone It Up offers workout and nutritional plans, and honestly, if it can make us look half as hot as good as them, we’ll have to give it a go. Expect lots of fun, dreamy, beachy snaps in bikinis…


Who? Faya, London
How many? 12.5k+ followers
Why? This Swedish personal trainer in London and the girl behind popular fitness blog Fitness on Toast shares her healthy eating, fitness and style journey on her Instagram.


Who? Without Walls, the sportswear brand launched by Urban Outfitters
How many? 16.5k+ followers
Why? We love Without Walls – just see our review here (when oh when will it arrive in the UK?) – and their Instagram makes us want to take our workout outside, back to nature. Hiking, running, climbing, cycling,… it’s all there. They’ve also introduced us to a lot of great new people to follow Instagram. We like.

And finally…


Who? Cam and Alex, London
How many? 330 followers (help! we want more friends!)
Why? Our Fashercise adventure is still pretty new and we’re having a blast doing it. We love to take snaps of our outfits, food, our running club and our drinks. We’re no real athletes yet by any means, but we’re sure having fun getting there! There’s a bunch of fun stuff coming soon and we can’t wait to share it with you, so make sure you follow us


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  • Sarah says:

    Found some new ones here, thanks! I did a post similar to this a little while ago – and featured you guys 😀

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