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Say hello to the Fitcation!

Last Updated: 28th Jul 2014
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Last week we spent 5 glorious days in sunny Portugal. Holiday? Not exactly, not in the traditional sense of the word at least. It was our very first “Fitcation” – a vacation focused on being active. Fitcations – or fitness holidays – are some of the fastest growing trends in the travel industry, with more and more people forgoing drunken beach holidays for active and healthy escapes around the world – whether you’re into yoga or surfing or running or triathlons or a bootcamp or even just hiking, there’s probably a holiday somewhere out there for you.

Wanting to try it out ourselves, we organised this little trip ourselves so we could spend some time working out, working and just enjoying each other’s company away from the office and rainy London. We went hiking through the incredible nature around the Algarve, we went swimming, we did impromptu workouts on the beach and jogged around the many golf courses. We both aren’t the type of girls who enjoy doing absolutely nothing all day (I mean, a little bit of nothing is obviously nice!) and spend our nights getting wasted (yeah, ok, a little bit of wine is definitely really nice!), just to have to spend the day after hung over. Sure, we had a cocktail here and a glass of wine there and plenty of naughty food too, but waking up fresh and bright in the morning ready to tackle the day was almost a relief.

Although this trip was just the two of us, we’re totally sold on the idea of the fitcation. It’s a great way of getting to know new like-minded people – a bit like going to summer camp, but for adults! – and is a wonderful way of getting to know a new place whilst keeping fit and healthy. Let’s face it, you’ll probably get to know a lot more about a place on a nice run or a long bike ride than your usual stroll from the beach to the bar. And instead of crash dieting weeks ahead of your break to get your ‘bikini body’ ready, only to

gain it back on holiday, you can just avoid that by keeping fit ON holiday.

Fitness travel companies are popping up everywhere, offering everything from back-to-basics to luxury retreats, but all with the same ethos: keeping active away from home. We came back refreshed, nicely tanned and feeling healthy – so we give it the thumbs up. So we want to know… would you ever skip your normal holiday in favour of a fitcation? We think it’s such a positive and fun thing to do we’re actually planning on organising a Fashercise fitcation in the next year, so we’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

Fashercise FitcationFashercise FitcationFashercise Fitcation Fashercise FitcationFashercise FitcationFashercise FitcationFashercise FitcationFashercise Fitcation   Fashercise Fitcation  Fashercise Fitcation

If you’re looking for a fitness holiday, check out these companies who offer a wide range of active vacations!

Fitness Travel Company


Health and Fitness Travel

Wellbeing Escapes

Need even more inspiration? Check out our Fitcation Pinterest board!

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  • This sounds great! I’d looked up several Fitcations before, but a lot of them are quite expensive. I hadn’t thought of doing my own though- I will definitely look into that! Beach workouts and long cycles sound great. I would be up for a Fashercise Fitcation! 🙂

    C x

  • Sarah says:

    This looks like heaven, I love Portugal too. My partner and I are looking at going to a yoga retreat in the Canary Islands in October – yoga practise twice a day for me, surfing for him! I can’t do the whole lazing about all day thing anymore, it just feels like such a waste of time.

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