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Fashercise Meets... Hey Jo

Last Updated: 11th Mar 2015
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Since they launched just a couple of seasons ago, Hey Jo’s sportswear leggings have become every sporty and stylish girl’s ultimate secret weapon. They’re classic, stylish, oh so luxurious, and they’re possibly some of the only leggings that are totally ok to wear as trousers. The gold zip detailing and supersoft Italian stretch jersey make this the chicest leggings on the block, with a cult following to prove it.

When you do something so well, there’s no need to do more: Hey Jo only does leggings, and they do it better than anyone else. With just 2 models – the Classic and Cassini – they simply change the colours seasonally. We spoke to Hey Jo’s founder Joanna Admiraal about her inspirations, her style tips and much more.

Who are you?  
Joanne Admiraal, founder of Hey Jo!

What inspires you?

Who is the Hey Jo girl? 
Every woman.

How did you get into designing sportswear?  
I designed something that I couldn’t find… leggings I could work out in but still feel special enough to keep on outside of the gym.

Where do you see yourself/brand in 5 years’ time?
Dressing the legs of women all over the world.

What’s the one item every woman should have in her wardrobe?  
Hey Jo Cassini leggings! no really ….each season, whether it’s shoes, underwear or perhaps an accessory, every woman should possess at least one thing which makes her feel really good. Right now my Collier de Chien cuff is still making me smile.

What are your style tips for dressing to the gym?  
It’s a well documented fact that one’s performance is enhanced if we feel we look good.  Make the effort to find that something which flatters your shape or accentuates a part of your body you’re proud of having worked on.

What’s your favourite healthy snack?
For comfort: a banana with a handful of organic almonds… if I’m on the run I’ll grab a green juice pick me up.

What do you indulge in on a cheat day?
A glass of red wine with crisps.

What’s your workout of choice?

Do you have any fitness goals you would love to achieve?  
I used to participate in triathlons and training dominated my every waking minute so for now it’s just maintenance… I choose to keep strong, fit and healthy in the most fun ways I can find. In my dreams I’d like to learn to tumble the length of my garden – 240ft.

What do you do to relax?
I like to sniff around the necks of my four children and laugh with friends.

If there was a soundtrack to your life, what song would be playing right now?  
Hah – Hey Joe! (Jimmy Hendrix)


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  • kirsty says:

    ooo i’ve seen these, they’re going to be at BE:FIT london! Can’t wait to see them in the flesh! xx

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