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Fashercise meets... Dear Kate

Last Updated: 31st Oct 2017
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Who are you?
A dreamer, a thinker, and a do-er. Saw that on the cover of a notebook at Target and it stuck with me.

What inspires you?
Women who succeed in the face of adversity. More specifically, I love talking with friends who run their own businesses. It’s a constant game of figuring out what works and what doesn’t, doing more of what does work, and continually being creative. When I talk with someone who has been there and done it, and is succeeding, either monetarily or more importantly, emotionally because they are happy, that’s inspiring to me.

Who is the Dear Kate girl?
The Dear Kate girl is ambitious, creative, and always has something up her sleeve.

What was the idea behind launching Dear Kate?
I took an entrepreneurship class in college and my team realized that every woman has experienced a horror story during that time of the month so we set out to redesign underwear. We questioned why such an essential piece of clothing wasn’t subject to the same level of high tech development we now expect from our sports bras. Using my chemical engineering background, I created the dream pair of underwear, with benefits women don’t usually expect from our lingerie. The patent-pending blend of fabrics are silky soft and unbelievably comfortable, wicking, and provide an extra layer of protection. Plus they’re stain-releasing and machine-washable, so women can stop scrubbing, then inevitably throwing out, period-stained casualties.

Where do you see yourself/brand in 5 years’ time?
We just launched yoga pants via Kickstarter and are excited to start shipping in October. The pants are designed to be worn commando as they have our special fabric built-in. They’re super comfortable and work for everything from running and CrossFit to cycling, and of course, yoga. We’ll be focusing on the pants for awhile but we do have a few more exciting products up our sleeve. We have a dream to be the brand that listens to women and creates more thoughtfully designed apparel that reaches women all around the world.

What’s the one item every woman should have in her wardrobe?
The Vera hipster mini in black. It’s the perfect pair of black undies that are sexy + casual.

What are your style tips for dressing to the gym?
I love wearing Dear Kate yoga pants (obviously) and I think wearing a loose tee on top is super comfy plus gives you the freedom to move on top.

What’s your favourite healthy snack?
I love fruit. Peaches, cherries, and nectarines are the best.

What do you indulge in on a cheat day?
I don’t really have a strict diet as I try to eat what my body is craving. So if it’s craving chocolate ice cream, that’s what I feed it. Some of my favorite sweets are popsicles, Magnolia’s Bakery’s Ice Box Cake, and Morgenstern’s Vanilla Bourbon ice cream.

What’s your workout of choice?
305 Fitness with the fabulous Sadie Kurzban

Do you have any fitness goals you would love to achieve?
I’d love to be able to do a back-handspring.

What do you do to relax?
I find cooking to be relaxing so usually I’ll make something on Sunday and make extra to enjoy for a few days at the beginning of the week. Latest fave dish is creamed kale + spinach inspired by The Smith.

If there was a soundtrack to your life, what song would be playing right now?
The Legally Blonde soundtrack. Elle Woods is my idol because she’s smart, works hard, and soared past everyone who underestimated her ability to succeed.


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