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Adidas launches new Energy Boost trainers

Adidas launches new Energy Boost trainers

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Adidas has just released its latest trainers, an update of the hugely popular Energy Boost range . The new sneakers feature improved comfort and added ventilation by using a new funky mesh upper, which will add support and flexibility – and in our opinion, style. We’ve been big fans of the Boost collection – the responsive cushioning really does make this a super comfortable trainer for long distance running  – but we weren’t so convinced by its pretty basic design so far. The new version finally combines performance with style perfectly, making this one of our favourite high performance running kicks around today.

The new adidas Boost trainers will come in 4 colours for women: berry pink, mint green, white and classic black and cost £120.

Available to buy today here.


adidas-Energy-BOOST-Berry-Pink-1 adidas-Energy-BOOST-berry-pink-3 adidas-Energy-BOOST-classic-black-2 adidas-Energy-BOOST-berry-pink-and-classic-black adidas-Energy-BOOST-classic-black-3 adidas-Energy-BOOST-classic-black-4 adidas-Energy-Boost-group-packshot-1 adidas-Energy-BOOST-berry-pink-packshot


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kirsty | over a year ago

oooo the mint ones are to die for!!