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Underwater Spinning with AquAllure

Last Updated: 23rd Mar 2015
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A couple of weeks ago, we were invited to go try out an AquAllure class, London’s first underwater spinning class. Always happy to try out something new, we jumped at the opportunity to spend some time cycling in a pool – who wouldn’t?!

Set at Dolphin Square, AquAllure launched late last year as the first aqua cycling class in the UK, after becoming a bit of a hype in the US and Europe. Using special bikes, it works like a traditional spinning class, but using the water as resistance. It’s very low impact, so perfect for post-injury training, enhanced bloodflow and can burn up to 800 calories in each 45 min class and help reduce cellulite. Hurrah!

The class is set to music and has an instructor on dry land. The bikes are very fuss-free, but feature big foam pedals which create resistance as you go faster. A handheld foam ‘weight’ is also added during the class, which you can use to create resistance for the arms to make this a whole body workout.

The class was entertaining and tough at times, and our stomach muscles definitely got an extra workout because we were laughing so much. It’s an experience like nothing else we’ve ever done before and if we lived a bit closer to Dolphin Square, we’d be back there in a heartbeat!

AquAllure is available to non-members of Dolphin Square and costs £20 for a single session, although packages are available.



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