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Last Updated: 2nd Sep 2014
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It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally here!

If you were a reader before, welcome back! We have a shiny new look and concept and can’t wait for you to discover the new website.

If you’ve only just found us, hello! Allow us to introduce ourselves: Team Fashercise is Alex & Cam, 2 Belgian friends in London with a mutual passion for fashion and fitness. Over a year ago, we started this blog as a little side project through which we quickly discovered a great bunch of young activewear designers but nowhere to buy them. Alex, a professional fashion blogger and Cam, who worked in wholesale retail, decided to put their strengths together to create the new concept of Fashercise.

We firmly believe that good content and e-commerce go hand in hand, so we decided to create a new platform which combines both seamlessly. At the bottom of this post you’ll find a little guide to illustrate how the website works.

Getting to this point has been a real adventure in itself: we’ve been plotting this relaunch for over a year and have been working full time towards this day for almost 8 months now. During that time, we searched the globe for talented designers who shared our vision that sportswear should be equally stylish as it is technical. We’ve found 13 great brands who we’ve worked with closely over the past few months and who we truly support. We’re proud to stock a large number of amazing British brands (Charli Cohen, Lexie Sport, Monreal London, Lucas Hugh, Hey Jo, Pretty Athletic, Every Second Counts) as well as some great international ones (Been by D’heygere – Belgium, Olympia, Dear Kate, Michi NY – US, 2XU – Australia, Zoe Karssen – Netherlands) who we are all proud to call a member of our little Fashercise family.

The site might have a snazzy new look, but our ethos is still the same: being active shouldn’t mean you can’t have fun. We’re still the girls who like to have a glass of wine at the pub with friends after a run. If your gym kit is stylish, we believe you should be able to wear it proudly, whether you’re working out or not. We made this site for women just like us – real women with real lives, who want to enjoy being active without compromise.

We hope you enjoy our new site and concept as much as we do! Do let us know your thoughts with a tweet, email, carrier pigeon – whichever way you like!

Finally, we want to say thank you to everyone who made this possible. A very special thanks goes out to our parents, friends and family for their incredible support this year, for not calling us crazy when we told them of our plans. Another huge thank you to Danielle & Paul at Delivery of Thought and Kyle at This Is Forge for somehow translating our whacky ideas into a beautiful website and branding. And last but not least, we want to thank you, our readers, tweeters, partners-in-sport: without you guys, there would be no Fashercise!

alex & Camp


menu bar


Just here to shop? No problem, just click Shop on the left of the menu bar and it will take you straight to where you want to be, like a normal shop. Just hear to read? No problem, just click Magazine on the menu bar or just pick one of our 6 categories and relax!

Brand Page
But, we wanted to do a little more than just plain standard. When you stumble across a brand you don’t know during your shop, don’t you want to know more about them? Each of our brands has a dedicated page featuring an interview with the designer, the latest lookbook, the times we’ve worn the brand on the site or just any time we’ve mentioned it – there you have it, all in one place.

We absolutely love and support our designers through and through and we want you to know what makes them so special, so we created a way to do that easily.

What we Wore

See something you like in one of the editorial posts? If we sell it, you’ll be able to put it straight into your basket. Easy peasy.  The site is full of nifty little features like this, which we hope will make your shopping and reading experience fun and exciting!


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  • Natasha says:

    Looking great ladies! I love the colour scheme and will definitely pop by for some unique workout kit.

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