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10 Best... Stylish Over-Ear Headphones

Last Updated: 8th Sep 2014
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The positive effects of listening to music whilst working out are undisputed: numerous studies have proven that it can make you go faster, work out longer, help you keep a steady pace and just elevate your mood.

Academic studies aside, we simply love nothing more than blasting loud embarrassing music on our runs, so a good set of headphones is a must. When it comes working out with headphones, what you really want is a pair that sits comfortably on your head, can handle sweat, is wireless or has a remote to easily switch tracks and has noise cancelling features (so no one can  hear you rocking out to a Backstreet Boys track…). We will do a separate post for in-ear headphones soon, but meanwhile, these are some of our favourite stylish on ear headphones:

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