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Knickers for your workout

Last Updated: 5th Jan 2016
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Everyone knows how important it is to wear the right sports bra – that’s without question. But what about below the belt? Do you wear the same underwear to work out in than your daily knickers or do you wear special ones? And if you don’t have special sporty underwear, should you be investing in some?

There’s several reasons why you should be wearing the right underwear during your workouts. Firstly, there’s the aesthetic aspect: to avoid the dreaded VPL or – god forbid – for that awkward situation where your leggings become embarrassingly see-through during a Downward Facing Dog or squat – it happens to the best of us! Going commando is one option (although not for the latter) or a pair of seamless undies with enough coverage should be a simple solution to get you out of a cringeworthy situation.

Secondly there’s the chafing issue. Ill-fitting underwear (or no underwear) will move around and cause friction which can lead to chafing. If you’re only working out for short periods of time, this isn’t a huge issue, but as any long distance runner will tell you, once the chafing starts, it can lead to really nasty wounds and scarring and take you out of the game altogether. Whether it’s a thong, a boy short or hipster undies, find a model that fits you perfectly so that it doesn’t move when you do.dear kate low res 3

Thirdly – and probably most importantly – it’s the hygienic aspect. Ok, so it’s a little embarrassing to talk about ‘down there’, which means this issue is rarely mentioned, but it’s really important to start addressing it. When working out, you sweat everywhere – and yes that includes your nether regions.  Bacteria love a moist and warm environment, and wearing the wrong underwear traps these bacteria with nowhere to go. This creates a perfect environment to breed infections and can even cause STI’s, not to mention nasty smells. Moisture-wicking, antibacterial and breathable material is a real must, as it will allow for sweat to be absorbed and bacteria to be eliminated. Simple cotton undies don’t do this, so it’s important to make sure your underwear is up to the challenge.

Dear Kate

We’re so happy to see that more and more activewear brands are finally addressing this issue and adding knickers to their range. Here at Fashercise we stock New York label Dear Kate, which specialises just in high-tech underwear and nothing else. Ever since they landed on our desks, we’ve become total converts – you simply don’t realise how much difference it makes until you’ve tried it. On top of that, they look amazing too (let’s face it, they’re nicer than some of our ‘normal’ underwear!).  Dear Kate has also just developed yoga pants with their trademark lining which will allow you to go commando without fear…

At the end of the day, we spend a lot of money on sweat-wicking, breathable workout tops and leggings, so what’s the point of having those technical pieces when the layers underneath don’t perform in the same way? Do you wear special underwear to work out in? Or do you prefer going commando? Whatever your style, we want to hear your thoughts and make this workout taboo a little less taboo!


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