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Tried and Tested: Tanya's Cafe Alkaline Cleanse

Last Updated: 11th Mar 2015
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January is the month of healthy resolutions, detoxes and cleanses. After the excesses of December, now is the perfect time to push that reset button and clear our bodies of all the toxins and nasties that have built up in the past few months.

A perfect way to do so is by doing an alkaline cleanse, which is a natural way to get rid of toxins in your body as well as create a balance in your body’s pH level. When your pH balance is off and your body is too acidic, it can result in lack of energy and a plethora of aches and diseases. During an alkaline cleanse you eliminate all acidic foods from your diet, whilst taking in alkalising nutrients so that the body can detoxify, cleanse and rebuild itself.

New to the world of alkalising and wanting to give it a go, last week I tried out the new Alkaline Cleanse from Tanya’s Cafe, the latest addition to London’s current raw food revolution. Founder Tanya Maher, a nutritionist and certified health coach, designed the cleanse which is both juicy and raw and guaranteed to purify your body, skin and energy.

The cleanse consists of a daily regime of juices, cold soups, seeds, crackers and veggie sticks, all to be eaten at specific times, with additional pH boosting powder and probiotics to give your body the ultimate cleanse and nourishment to restore itself. I tried Tanya’s Alkaline Cleanse for 2 days. Here’s how it went down:

Day 1

During the first day of the cleanse I felt great, aside from missing my beloved coffee. The day starts with a Chia Fresca, which is essentially a juice but it felt more like a massive breakfast. Throughout the day there was a variety in the juices and snacks so at no point was it boring, which is what usually puts me off detoxes in general. They were big enough to fill me up and keep me energised all day long. Monotonous diets just seem to get me fixated on food even more, creating the opposite effect. The cold avocado soup at dinner wasn’t just filling but absolutely more-ish and I can’t wait to recreate it myself sometime soon.

Day 2

Day 2 started off well – same tasty juices and a different soup for dinner – but as the day went on I developed a terrible headache, probably from the toxins leaving my body. I struggled to concentrate and couldn’t even finish my juices as I just felt unwell. This in turn left me a little lightheaded because I was clearly not taking in enough to keep me energised.

I should add that I’ve done several cleanses and detoxes in the past and Day 2 always seems to be the day where I feel terrible, so this is not entirely unusual. Usually by day 3 I have that great healthy glow again, but as I was only doing 2 days on the cleanse I sadly didn’t get to that point.


Despite not feeling great by the end, I did truly enjoy my first alkaline cleanse: the juices were absolutely delicious and at no point did I feel hungry or deprived. The balance between liquids and solids kept it interesting, and the addition of the pH boosting powder and probiotics made me feel better on the inside. My skin felt clearer – even after just 2 days – and as a nice little bonus, I’d lost a couple of pounds even in that short time.

I can absolutely see the benefit of regularly doing an alkaline cleanse to restore the balance in the body, although I’d probably choose to do it just for a single day once a week rather than for a longer period of time.

Tanya’s Cafe Alkaline Cleanse is available to order until the end of January. Prices start from £65.

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