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4 Healthy Cookbooks You Need In Your Kitchen Right Now

Last Updated: 13th Apr 2015
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The word “diet” is not one we like to use here in the office. Whilst we love healthy food, we hate fad diets which make you cut out certain food groups (wine is a food group, right?!) and are unachievable to keep going in the long term. Rather than going for flavourless low-fat, low-carb, low-everything versions of classic foods which inevitably lead to cravings, we’re firm believers that small changes, seasonal and fresh produce and adopting a different way of cooking can lead to a healthier, happier diet (for lack of a better word).

These new 4 cookbooks – all by British female authors – do exactly that: they don’t tell you what not to eat, but simply teach you a new way of eating altogether. A body nourished well from the inside always shows on the outside – so eat your way to better skin, better hair and a better you with the help of these inspiring young women!


Deliciously Ella Cookbook

WHO? Ella Woodward, food blogger at Deliciously Ella

WHAT? After being diagnosed with a chronic disease a few years ago, Ella decided to adopt a meat, dairy and sugar free plant-based diet, which helped her improve her health drastically. The recipes in her debut cookbook range from hearty veg bowls to smoothies to sweet potato brownies, and everything in between. Plenty of easy recipes that don’t require a ton of time or cooking skills, perfect for every day meals!

Deliciously Ella, £7.99 from Amazon

honestly healthy book

WHO? Natasha Corrett, founder of Honestly Healthy

WHAT? The third book for Natasha, this one focuses on cleansing recipes and plans. Ranging from a quick 3 day liquid cleanse to a 30 days ‘life changing’ cleanse, they are designed to make you feel amazing from the inside out, packed with alkaline recipes to rid your body of toxins and restore a healthy balance in your body again.

Honestly Healthy Cleanse, £17 from Amazon

anna jones a modern way to eat cookbook

WHO? Anna Jones, food stylist and Jamie Oliver protégé.

WHAT? Whether you’re vegetarian or not, the veggie recipes in this book are perfect for every day cooking and won’t make you miss meat at any point. A modern take on vegetarian food, these are achievable, satisfying dishes that will make taking the step to a meat free diet so much easier to achieve!

A Modern Way To eat, £17 from Amazon

  Hemsley Hemsley The Art of Eating Well packshot (1)

WHO? Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley, sisters and founders of Hemsley + Hemsley

WHAT? The Hemsley sisters have been the healthy food darlings lately and with good reason. Their glamorous looks, cheery enthusiasm and colourful take on healthy food is infectious and simply makes you want to be part of their gang. The recipes can be a bit more time-consuming than the other books, but an absolute treat when you get there! The Art Of Eating Well comes with plenty of advice and tips to improve your diet without leaving anything out. We’re weirdly obsessed with their spiralizer recipes – it’s about time we get one of those gadgets in our kitchen!

The Art Of Eating Well, £ from Amazon

All images © Anna Jones, Hemsley + Hemsley, Honestly Healthy, Deliciously Ella

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