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The 7 amazing health benefits of Ginger

Last Updated: 27th Apr 2015
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It is the Age of the Superfood – there’s always a new super fruit, vegetable or herb that claims to cure your illnesses and make you a happier, healthier, fitter person – but what’s actually in these health food godsends and why are they so brilliant? First up is the humble ginger root: it doesn’t just give a nice little kick to your stir-fries and your favourite juices, but it is a true miracle worker for a whole bunch of reasons. Here’s why ginger should be part of your everyday diet:

1. Anti-inflammatory

Ginger contains a very strong anti-inflammatory compound, gingerol, which has proven to reduce pain and inflammation in the joints. Studies have shown that arthritis sufferers experience more positive results after consuming ginger regularly than conventional medication. For you runners and gym-bunnies, it is definitely worth adding ginger to your smoothies and juices after a heavy impact workout to reduce chances of swelling and pain!

2. Helps with weight loss

Ginger enhances fat absorption and digestion, speeding up the breakdown of food and nutrients in your body for effective weight control. Discovered as an aid in treating and preventing obesity. Because ginger also has high fiber content, it increases gastrointestinal motility. By increasing the rate of metabolism, ginger can help burn off some of the fat stored up in the body. Win-win!

3. It can lower cholesterol

With as little as just 3g of ginger extract per day, you can dramatically reduce your cholesterol levels. Studies have shown that ginger activates an enzyme that increases your body’s use of cholesterol and lowers it.

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Ginger & turmeric honey bomb recipe from Green Kitchen Stories

4. Nausea relief

Ancient cultures around the world have used the humble ginger root for thousands of years to combat nausea and stomach upsets. From morning and motion sickness to post-chemotherapy nausea, studies have proven that as little as 1g of ginger a day can be as effective as traditional medicine.

5. Can help in defeating certain cancers.

With all its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it can lessen the risk and help prevent and fight diseases like prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer and other cancers affected and caused by inflammations.

6. It increases insulin release

Speeding up insulin release and reducing blood glucose in as little as an hour, as well as treating other organs affected by diabetes means ginger is an ideal supplement to diabetics. A daily dose of ginger is perfect for treating and even preventing diabetes!

7. It improves cognitive function in middle age

Brainpower in middle-aged healthy women, after taking just a little ginger extract every day, was shown to be significantly enhanced and more powerful.

As if these amazing health benefits weren’t quite enough just yet, the humble ginger root has also proven to help with asthma treatment, memory loss and can even help fight nasty parabens and environmental additives if they’re ingested. Quite frankly, there’s no reason not to add a bit of ginger to your everyday diet! Whether you take them in capsule form, juice it for drinking or grate some in your food, ginger is a very versatile ingredient and can be consumed in endless different ways. Below is are some ideas of how to easily include ginger into your day:

ginger benefits

1. Coconut & Ginger Soup ||| 2. Super Green Detox Smoothie from The Green Forks ||| 3. Homemade Ginger Beer from Thyme of Taste ||| 4. Baked Honey & Ginger Cod from No Gojis No Glory ||| 5. Honey & Ginger Tofu Stir Fry from Pinch of Yum ||| 6.  Honey Ginger Pineapple and Summer Veggie Chicken Stir Fry from Halfbaked Harvest |||

Research by Matilda Edwards 

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