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Technogym launches MyRun Treadmill

Technogym launches MyRun Treadmill

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If you’re a gym member, you’re probably familiar with the Technogym equipment, but did you know they also have top of the range home equipment? Treadmills aren’t exactly the sexiest item to have in your house, but Technogym have somehow managed to make them sleek in design and top notch in technology. Why are we talking about a treadmill, you ask? Well, a few weeks ago we went to try out the brand new MyRun, their newest launch and well, it’s actually pretty amazing.

The first thing we noticed was how minimalist the design of MyRun was – a simple and sleek interface, something you’d proudly show off, not hide away in a dark corner somewhere. The design is great, but what makes this treadmill interesting is on the inside of it.

MyRun is designed to work with your tablet, which you simply attach at the top of the treadmill. Through the dedicated app, you have access to a number of features we’ve never seen on a treadmill at home. This device was designed for runners by runners, at it shows: a GAIT analysis is often used in stores to find the perfect trainers adapted to your specific stride balance and support needs, and MyRun has developed this idea to help you improve your running. The Running Rate feature is an algorithm exclusive to Technogym and allows you to visualise your stride length, displacement and step frequency, which in turn can help you improve your running technique. To put it in simple terms, little graphics on the app show you where your feet land, how long your stride is and how you can improve on speed and efficiency by fixing certain habits.

When I did it, I noticed my balance was always off centre, which explains my constant injuries and shin splints. By actually seeing this happening on the screen, I was able to adjust my balance and hopefully in the long term get rid of this bad technique and become injury free. The surface of the treadmill can also adapt to your specific style of running and can change to a softer or firmer surface, to avoid injury and improve technique.

A second fun feature is that treadmill can interpret your running rhythm and create a music soundtrack from the songs on your playlist based around the beat of the track. The app also comes with preset training programs, exercises and even the option of consulting a coach through the app to help you reach your goals.

As home treadmills go, this one is pretty badass: it looks amazing and is designed to improve your running technique, which helps avoid injury and turns you into a better runner, full stop. The only drawback is its hefty pricetag at £2650.

MyRun is available to buy now from Technogym.



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