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Tried and Tested: Plenish Juice Cleanse

Last Updated: 7th Aug 2018
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With the Christmas period fast approaching and with it, the endless parties, drinking and eating, our body is about to be subjected to a heavy couple of weeks! So here at Fashercise HQ, we’re currently all about the Pretox: preparing and nourishing your body from the inside out by living and eating clean before the party season kicks off. A Pretox is a great way to get your system balanced, rebooted and flooded with nutritional goodness is by juicing, so we gave Plenish a whirl.

Plenish cleanses consist of 6 fresh juices a day and you can choose from 3 levels of cleansing: Level 1 is a gentle detox to support liver health & give your digestive system a break (and more fruity), Level 2 is a medium level detox to boost energy & improve skin health and Level 3 is a their deepest detox designed for weight loss & psychological performance (more veggies, less fruity).


I tried the Level 1 Cleanse for one day and here’s how it all went down:

My box of chilled juices arrived at the office and included a handy little manual, a glass straw and of course, my 6 rather delicious looking juices for the day. The bottles are quite big – 500ml each – so I was no longer worried about being hungry as this seemed like a lot to get through in one day.  The juices are named after their different functions – Lift, Calm, Boost, Kick, Pump and Build – and contain up to a whopping 1kg of fruit and veg per bottle, with the emphasis 0n vegetables.

The juices were surprisingly filling and delicious, so hunger wasn’t the issue, but as I start every day religiously with a strong coffee (or 3), my caffeine withdrawals started kicking in by 11am and gave me a pounding headache. By mid-afternoon I felt almost too full to finish my juices, and by the time the evening came round the Build cashew milk felt like the best treat ever – sweet, filling and indulgent, this was by far my favourite drink of the day.

Despite feeling rubbish throughout the day because of caffeine withdrawals, I woke up the next morning feeling on top of the world. I headed to the gym, kicked some serious ass and felt totally revived. The cold that had been lingering for a few weeks finally seemed to have disappeared and I didn’t actually feel like eating rubbish at all that day. As an added bonus, I lost 2 pounds in just a single day and 2 more the following days whilst back on solid food.

Final thoughts: I’ve never been one to love crash diets or cleanses or green juices, but this did hit the spot. I struggled with the sudden lack of caffeine in my system, but I’m sure that if I had continued the cleanse for a few more days I would have been perfectly fine. Even after just a single day, it felt like a little break for my digestive system and completely refuelled me and my body. Whether it’s to get your body ready for what’s to come or to help it recover after a heavy few weeks, I would definitely recommend a juice cleanse to reboot your system!

Plenish home delivered cleanses are £59 a day or you can just pick and mix your favourite juices from £9.90. Find out all about it here

Plenish Cleanse


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