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5 reasons why we love the new Adidas PureBoostX trainers

Last Updated: 12th Feb 2016
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As we spend most of our days in lycra, that means we spend most of our days wearing trainers as well – and we must admit, it’s become a little bit (ah well, let’s be honest here, a lot) of an addiction… After all, there’s different kinds of trainers: those made for running, those made for the gym and those lifestyle ones made for day to day life, and yes we’ve got them all (but it’s part of our job, so that is totally ok, right?)

So we were obviously super excited to get invited to the London launch of the brand new Adidas Pure Boost X trainers, for which they turned King’s Cross Underground station into a running track… as you do! We’ve now had a couple of weeks to try out the shoes and here’s why we think they’re great:

1 | For women, by women

The design was made by women, for women. Instead of adapting the men’s shoe into a female form, Adidas spent years with their female athletes developing this shoe specifically to women’s feet, performance and style expectations. The result is a versatile, high performance shoe, which looks just as cool worn with your lycra as under jeans. What’s not to love?

2 | Floating Arch

The most obvious change in this shoe is the floating arch design: yup, you can actually poke your finger all the way through the soles and your feet. When you first put them on this feels a bit funny, like a tight sock, but as you walk and run and move, you realise how much support it gives and how it adapts to your feet. Total game changer!

3 | Super Lightweight

The super light Boost soles combined with the sock-like mesh upper means that this is the lightest performance shoe we’ve ever worn! A size UK 5.5 weighs only 184g – basically this is a bit like wearing air. Like, really, really comfy air.

4 | High Performance

Look, no shoe can have it all, right? Performance but not the looks? Lightweight but not the support? Wrong. These bad boys have it all! This is a shoe that can handle long runs, with the Boost technology giving you energy, with a fit that hugs your foot and supports you throughout, and a flexible sole that adapts to your environment.

5 | They look totally badass

The shoe comes in 3 versions and several colourways, and all of them are awesome. There’s a running version, a training version and a Stella McCartney version and we think they look just as badass during your run, in the gym or worn every day. We’re totally crushing on the navy Stella McCartney ones! *add it to the wishlist*

All in all we’re super excited to see Adidas really stepping up their game and finally designing an all-round shoe which ticks all the boxes! The Adidas Pure Boost X is now available, prices starting from £90. Buy here.


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