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Tried and Tested: The Floatworks

Last Updated: 9th Jun 2016
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Earlier this week we visited The Floatworks for our first ever floatation therapy and after just one session we’re total converts. Haven’t heard of floating before? Don’t worry, nor had we…

So what is it?

Floatation therapy basically means you’re lying in a tank filled with water at body temperature and so many Epsom salts that you quite simply, float. The water is inside a futuristic looking pod which closes completely once you’re inside – no light, no sounds – so all your senses get switched off and literally all you can do is relax. We were a bit nervous at first, thinking this might feel a bit claustrophobic, but once you get inside there’s light and relaxing music for the first few minutes, allowing you to settle in and find your perfect position before it all gets switched off. For almost an hour you feel completely weightless and totally switched off from the world – once you fully surrender to the experience it’s quite a surreal feeling.

i-sopod isolation tank1What does it do?

Quite frankly, the question should be “what does it not do?”. Aside from just helping you to experience full relaxation, there’s more and more research showing the incredible benefits of floating. Just like mediation, it helps combat stress – both mental and physical – and is shown to improve sleep. People who float regularly have reported sleeping more solid and longer after a session. Research has found that during floating your amygdala gets shut off – this is the “fight or flight” part of your brain, meaning that this is very beneficial to people suffering from PTSD and anxiety. On the physical side, it helps speed up recovery and rehabilitation, can relieve pain, lower blood pressure and even helps prevent injuries, which is why floating is very popular with top athletes around the world.

This list is only a couple of the benefits (and research is still ongoing!), read the full list here.

What did we think?

Personally, I struggle with meditating and relaxing, so an hour of forced ‘nothingness’ seemed a bit daunting at first. No phones, no music, no Instagram?! Instead it was just complete quietness, darkness, just me, my thoughts, my body and nothing else. The pod looks a like something out of a sci-fi movie (and makes for some great selfies, see ours below) and getting in is at first a little strange. Knowing that you can control the lid yourself, and turn the lights inside the pod on and off yourself helped with making it not feel claustrophobic at all. The floating experience is as close to weightlessness I’ll probably ever come and is absolutely wonderful. I could feel my muscles totally relax and after a while, you can’t help but just switch off your thoughts and go into a deep meditative state (also known as a nap). Time seemed to go on forever – at one point I got out of the pod to check my phone as I thought I’d missed the cue to tell me my time was up. Afterwards you can enjoy a a herbal tea and come to a bit more in the relaxation room before heading back into the real world again. We both left feeling like we could tackle our busy lives a bit more. Whether you’re looking to just have some indulgent me-time or in need of a mental or physical boost, we could not recommend it more. For us busy, stressed out Londoners, The Floatworks is just what the doctor ordered!

The Floatworks has just opened in Vauxhall, with more locations in the pipeline. Want to see what all the fuss is about? Book yourself in for a session here and use code FASHERCISE for 20% off.

The Floatworks
17b (Unit 20d)
St George Wharf

float works-005002 F

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