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Fashercise x Ladies That Lift

Last Updated: 23rd Aug 2016
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With the taboo around women and weightlifting disappearing fast, girls all around are taking over the weights section at the gym. If you’re totally new to lifting and don’t know your deadlifts from your squats, these places can still be an intimidating place at times – the man-grunting is enough to put anyone off! So the team at London gym Six3Nine have started their own little revolution with Ladies That Lift: a class to help their girls with technique, style and general badassness. As the super popular class has a waiting list, they also release a weekly workout video on their Facebook page so you can do their workouts from home or your gym.

We’ve teamed up with the Ladies That Lift to put our kit to the ultimate test – squats, jumps, pushups, the works! This week they gave our Michi outfits a proper workout… their verdict?

“Each piece was surprisingly secure, comfortable and durable. We basically felt like super heroes ready to take on the world.”

Check out the workout for yourself, full details below…

Part 1: Full Body Circuit (Repeat 4 times)
A. Squat to Press – 10 reps
B. Hinge to Reverse Lunge – 8 reps per leg
C. Squat Jumps – 10 reps

Part 2: Back and Biceps (Repeat 4 times)
A. Cable Hinge to Row – 10 reps
B. Renegade Row – 10 per arm
C. Bicep Curl to Press – 10 reps

Oh, and if you want to join the Ladies That Lift weightlifting class (back on 17th September), you can join the waiting list here)

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