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Fashercise x Ladies That Lift Upper Body Workout

Last Updated: 9th Feb 2017
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We’re big fans of lifting at Fashercise HQ, which is why we love Six3Nine’s “Ladies That Lift” class, getting girls familiar with the sometimes scary weights section at the gym, teaching them not only what to do, but also how to do them in a correct form. If you’re new to lifting weights, we strongly recommend trying a class to get you started in the right way.

In the video below you’ll find a preview of an upper body workout at the Ladies That Lift classes:

1. Overhead press 10 x 3
2. Push-ups 10 x 3
3. Body row 10 x 3
4a. Lateral Raises 10 x 3 (superset with below)
4b. Bicep curls 10 x 3

If you’d like to learn how to lift weights with correct form in a safe and welcoming environment, you can book a class here: – everyone and anyone is welcome, no matter their ability!

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