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5 Ways to beat the Chub Rub

Last Updated: 26th May 2020
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Hands up if you’ve ever experienced the dreaded chub rub? If – like myself – you’ve been blessed with gorgeous curvaceous thighs, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. That moment the sun comes out, our pretty dresses/shorts/skirts come out to play and boom! there it is… the chafing begins. Irritated thighs, painful rashes, sore bumps – so many of us know exactly how horrible it is, yet the subject still seems a bit taboo to talk about.

No more! Rather than suffering in silence, this summer I’m declaring war on the chub rub! I want to wear my summer dresses without crying in pain at night. I want to be able to enjoy sunny days without worrying about burning thighs. I also want us to be able to talk about it openly and without embarrassment. So let’s set our thunder thighs free and enjoy a chafe-free summer! Here are a few of my favourite hacks to keep the chafe at bay this summer. Do you have any secret hacks you use? Let us know your tips in the comments. 👇

1. Glide on sticks

The easiest solution is to get yourself a good anti-chafing stick, designed specifically to create a friction free barrier between your skin – not just on your thighs, but arms, boobs, wherever you might chafe. Brands like Megababe (sadly only available in the US) and Body Glide are an easy way to keep the chafe at bay throughout the day, you can easily throw it in your purse and just top up when needed. They also have specific ingredients to help with cooling down the inflammation and help with recovery if the damage has already been done.

Shop Megababe Thigh Rescue and Body Glide.

2. Cycling Shorts

If you suffer from chafing, cycling shorts are your best friend! They’re a simple way to keep friction from happening, although traditionally not always the most stylish option. Luckily the cycling short is quite trendy at the moment, so why not just make it as part of your outfit? There’s so many fun options out there, just check out Pretty Little Thing‘s offering right now. Rock them on their own or have them peek out from underneath your skirt.

The main downside of wearing shorts under your outfit is that they can get quite warm (especially if you go down the shapewear route). We’re loving Thigh Society, who have created a sweat-wicking and breathable classic design, so you don’t have to endure a complete meltdown this summer.

3. Bandelettes

The women behind Bandelettes have come up with a solution so simple it seems crazy no-one else has yet. Their patented thigh bands are simply a band of fabric you slide onto your thighs, without the hassle of a full short. Their main offering are the sexy lace ones which could easily be mistaken for a lingerie garter, although they’ve now included more plain ones too, better suited to exercise. They are based in the US but ship worldwide. Also available in the UK from Amazon.

4. Everyday solutions

If you can’t get your hands on any specific products, you’ll definitely find some excellent – and cheap! – solutions in your own cupboards. Personally, I like to use coconut oil: the texture creates a smooth barrier on your skin – the lovely coconutty smell and wonderful moisturising are just added benefits! Good old fashioned Vaseline always works a treat, but can be a little greasy. Talcum powder is always a good idea too as it soaks up the moisture (although personally I find it can get a little messy). From doing my research, I’ve also stumbled across Lush’s Silky Underwear Dusting Powder as a great powder option.

5. Treating the ‘rub

Got caught off guard and now dealing with the aftermath? Be sure to look after the irritated skin well, as it will just make it worse the following day.

Clean the skin with a cold towel or take a cold shower – be careful to use a pH neutral soap to not irritate the skin any further.

If the skin is very sore, it might be best to treat it with an antibacterial cream to avoid infection. Sudocrem – yep, better known for treating nappy rashes – is perfect for it.

Soothe and calm the skin. Creams with aloe vera or chamomile work a treat. You can also use Lanacane for both prevention and healing of chafing wounds.

Keep those thighs dry and separate. Allowing the irritation to dry will make them heal faster, so as soon as you can, put some comfy loose joggers on and keep those thighs separate so they don’t continue to chafe.

Summer, we’re coming for ya!

How do you prevent or cure chafing? Let us know your tips in the comments. 👇

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