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About us


Fashercise is a new online platform for stylish active women, selling luxury sportswear from independent young designers from all around the world. The website also covers all things fashion, fitness, healthy eating, beauty and wellbeing, aimed at real girls, living real lives. The website is all about keeping fit, but having a blast and looking great doing so.

Fashercise is bringing high fashion to your workout.

Meet Alex and Cam.

Two Belgian chicks living London, who became the best of friends through their jobs in fashion – Cam a seasoned runner, Alex a total newbie. one day Cam challenged Alex to run a half marathon just a couple of months later. Alex said yes.

The many hours spent training in lycra led to some style dilemmas: how do you combine fashion and exercise? And so Fashercise was born. We firmly believe the two can work together seamlessly: exercising doesn’t mean you can’t look badass or have a blast whilst doing it.

Fashercise isn’t just about clothes: it’s about a healthy lifestyle and everything that comes with it – food, different types of exercise, music, shopping and much more. But most of all, it’s just about having fun!

Alex & Cam Fashercise


About Alexandra Vanthournout

Alex is a fashion journalist and founder of the successful fashion blog Before that, she worked at ELLE magazine, Wallpaper*, Louis Vuitton and spent a number of years freelancing. Fashercise was originally a side project born out of her newfound love of running, but quickly turned into something much bigger.

Alex likes: running (very slowly), green juice, puppies, chocolate and wine.
Alex dislikes: yoga, cats and DIY.

Instagram: @iamalexloves


About Camille Roegiers

Cam worked in fashion wholesale for a number of years. Her experience with both start-ups and online giants has been invaluable to the launch of Fashercise. She’s a badass runner with her very first marathon coming up soon.

Cam likes: yoga, running, Nutella, Formula 1 and wine.
Cam dislikes: fruit, beer, football

Twitter/Instagram: @Fashercise_Cam

For editorial queries, questions, ideas or thoughts, just email Alex Vanthournout on [email protected]

For all business and advertising queries, get in touch with Camille Roegiers on [email protected]